Зачем страусу длинная шея?

Дата публикации: 13 апреля, 2018

Как известно, ребенок лучше запоминает то, что произвело на него наибольшее впечатление. Именно поэтому для изучения английского языка, Ann подбирает яркие, интересные коммуникационные игры. Об одной из них наш носитель языка рассказала подробно.


Ann: «Animals are loved by all: both children and adults. Thus, one of the best ways to spark a child's interest in learning is through the animal world, especially if you complement the activity with mobility in a competitive form. 

The "Ostrich" game is aimed at reinforcing new vocabulary. Two little ostriches appear on the "ring"; the task of each of them is to see the card on the opponent's back first, without using hands - ostriches do not have them - but only their long ostrich neck.

The one who recognizes the image first, says the word in English. 

Our ostriches do not lack speed ​​nor sharp vision, so they cope with the task deftly, although sometimes they prolong the process, intentionally, for pleasure :) 

The element of secrecy is also of help in any educational activity, and lively curiosity encourages the language learning process.